Work at the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation abroad

The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation carries out valuable work in Switzerland and twelve countries worldwide. A team of around 30 employees working abroad in our country programmes is dedicated to improving the lives of children and youths.


We currently do not have any vacancies.

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«Have you found an exciting vacancy?»

Isabelle Wippermann
Finance and Administration Manager International Programmes

Please send your complete application by email to:

Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation
Programmes International
Kinderdorfstrasse 20
9043 Trogen AR
+41 71 343 73 73

Unsolicited applications

Please apply for advertised jobs only. All open vacancies are advertised on our website. Keep up to date by visiting our vacancies website regularly.


Would you like to volunteer your time for a good cause? You can find out more at Voluntary assignments in the Children’s Village are only possible in the context of cooperation with companies.

Jobs in Switzerland

You can find all of our vacancies in Switzerland here.

«Working at the Pestalozzi Children’s Village is meaningful, challenging and varied.»

Ana Catalina Primo
Project Officer - Intercultural Exchange Projects



Distinction for cultural acceptance in the classroom

Hassayarat Panchaichok was recently distinguished for her project on cultural diversity in schools, a topic that the Thai teacher had worked on at the Children’s Village. Find out more

Intercultural teaching methods

Vladimir Gjorgjevski attended the emPower further education course in 2015. What did he achieve with what he learned when he returned to Macedonia? The Foundation asked him – and was amazed by the answer. Find out more

UNESCO prize

The former «emPower» student Raisa Nineth Palala Martínez is awarded the first prize for «Exemplary Educational Concepts for Peace» in Guatemala.

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