Strong partnerships for strong projects

The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation fosters close, long-standing partnerships with public authorities, domestic and international organisations, foundations, companies and private donors. We are very grateful to our long-standing partners and thank them for their generous support of our projects both in Switzerland and abroad.

American Express

Every point counts. American Express customers can opt to donate their collected bonus points to the Pestalozzi Children’s Village.

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«Instead of sending Christmas presents to our customers, we support selected projects run by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation that represent our company values.»

Ueli Thürig
CEO Maag Pump Systems AG


Glückskette is a humanitarian foundation run by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR). It supports selected education projects organised abroad by the Pestalozzi Children’s Village.

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Our projects geared towards the prevention of racism are financially supported by éducation21.

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«For many years, we have been supporting selected projects run by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in Serbia and Macedonia.»

Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein



Annual Report 2016

In 2016, our programmes touched the lives of 170 000 children, adolescents and adults worldwide.

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Distinction for cultural acceptance in the classroom

Hassayarat Panchaichok was recently distinguished for her project on cultural diversity in schools, a topic that the Thai teacher had worked on at the Children’s Village. Find out more

Intercultural teaching methods

Vladimir Gjorgjevski attended the emPower further education course in 2015. What did he achieve with what he learned when he returned to Macedonia? The Foundation asked him – and was amazed by the answer. Find out more